Probe Pipe Fittings

Probe Pipe Fitting

4+ units
10+ units
25+ units
Each Probe Pipe Fitting comes with:
• 1 Black pipe fitting
• 1 White PVC Tee

The probe pipe fitting is compatible with all laboratory and consumer grade probes. Click here to see a compatibility chart.

The pipe fitting comes mated with a PVC Tee and is available in either 1/2” or 3/4” sizes. All laboratory size probes will fit in either size tee.

• Food Safe
• Max Pressure: 689.47 kPa (100 psi) 6.89 bar
• Max temperature: 100 ˚C (212˚F) 373.15 ˚K
Probe Pipe Fittings attachment
Probe Pipe Fittings parts
Probe Pipe Fittings in use
1/2" Probe Pipe Fitting
3/4" Probe Pipe Fitting
Part # PRB-P-FIT
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