Wi-Fi Hydroponics Meter Kit


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The Wi-Fi Hydroponics Meter Kit reads pH, Conductivity, and temperature. The pH and Conductivity readings are automatically temperature compensated and uploaded to ThingSpeak, which allows for remote readings on a phone, tablet or PC. The code and instructions are available in the download section of this page.

The Wi-Fi Hydroponics Meter Kit comes with:

1x Enclosure with hardware assembled within
1x EZO pH circuit
1x EZO Conductivity circuit
1x EZO RTD Temperature circuit
1x Consumer grade pH probe
1x Conductivity probe k1.0
1x PT-1000 temperature probe
3x pH calibration solutions
2x K 1.0 calibration solution

• No soldering required
• No programming necessary
• Automatically uploads data to ThingSpeak cloud
• Access to data on phone, tablet or PC
• Auto temperature compensation for pH and Conductivity
• Pre-drilled / wall mountable case with clear top
• pH range 0 − 14 / resolution 0.01
• Conductivity range 0 − 200K / resolution 1μS
• Operating voltage : 5V
• One auxiliary slot for an additional sensor
• Calibration solutions included.
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