Our Atlas Scientific engineers make sure our products undergo rigorous testing before we ship them out to you; however we fully understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that may cause our products to function incorrectly. In case of such an event, we are here to help you get it back to its functional state. Please take a moment and see if the information below relates to an issue you are having before contacting us.
Help! I am getting inaccurate readings from my Atlas Scientific Circuit or Probe.
Nine out of ten times, the main cause of inaccurate readings is brought on by improper wiring or connection of Atlas Scientific Circuits, and or Probes.
Does your set up look like this?
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Incorrect Wiring Example thumbnail 02
Incorrect Wiring Example thumbnail 03
Incorrect Wiring Example thumbnail 04
Incorrect Wiring Example thumbnail 05
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Try making it look more like this.
Correct Wiring Example thumbnail
Atlas Scientific support photo 03
Atlas Scientific support photo 02
Atlas Scientific support photo 01
Atlas Scientific support photo 04
I keep getting the error message. *ER
The error message can only occur when the circuit receives a message that it does not understand. For example if you send the circuit the character “@” you will get *ER because “@” is not a command it understands.
Another example
I send my EC circuit the “I” command and it returns:


The first 2 lines are correct, but why did I receive *ER.
This is most likely because you are adding and additional character to your command. 99% of the time this is because you have an incorrect setting in your serial monitor, make sure you do not have the NL (newline) set. The only setting you want to have is “Carriage Return”

My setup is correctly wired up: however I cannot seem to write to my Atlas Scientific Circuit.

If this happens we recommend you try using our sample code. Other Sample codes can be found in the Download section of each of the Atlas Scientific Circuit web pages.
My setup is wired correctly, and I have tried using the supplied sample codes, but still cannot get my Atlas Scientific Circuit, and / or Probe working correctly.
If this is the case, one of our engineers will be more than happy to help you. We highly recommend that you take three different pictures of your setup, from three different angles, and attach them in your initial .

If you would like to chat with our engineers, please call us at
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