Atlas Scientific is on a mission to convert devices that were originally designed to be used by humans into devices that are specifically designed to be used by robots. We isolate the core functionality of human devices and redesign them to be “robot ready”. By doing this Atlas Scientific is empowering the engineer to add the capabilities of many individual devices into a single robot. Atlas Scientific recognizes the importance of high accuracy, repeatability and ease of use. We are deadly serious about producing high quality components.

Accuracy. Repeatability. Precision. Ease of use.

The Atlas Scientific Team
Eight Ton Freight Elevator
Loading Dock
Plethora of Chemicals
Chemical Bottle Sealer
Circuit Board Prototyping Machine
Induction Sealer and Label Applicator
Prototyping Station
Manncorp 385V Pick and Place
Chemical Glassware
Wire Cutting Station
Reflow Oven and PCB Depaneler
Automatic Stencil Printer
Soldering Station
Industrial Incubator
Chemical Production Area
Checmial Mixing Tanks
Epoxy Station
Tool Area / Workshop
Mayor Bloomberg visits Atlas Scientific
Continuous Inkjet Printer
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